Other Products/Services

Treated wood shakes are made from Cedar and are chemically treated to be fire safe and have a limited lifetime warranty, that is transferable.

The Shakes can be installed at a Class C, B or A level, depending on your preferences or your stipulations based on where you live.


Insulation:   When you are re-roofing, it is an excellent time to add insulation. Owens Corning Attic Cat is a great, loose fill insulation that we can install for you.


We can also use another product called Tech Shield. It is a thin barrier that reflects the heat and helps keep your home cooler!

tech sheild

Interested in a Suntunnel? You will not believe how amazing these little tubes are! Do you have a room that you always need to turn the light on? This is your solution!


Or how about a skylight? Did you know that you can now have an operable skylight that lets you use a remote to open, close, use blinds or that automatically will close based on a  rain sensor? Velux has great products and we will be happy to discuss your options with you!


We install gutter screen that can help keep debris out of your gutters and keeps the water flowing. Gutters that are overfull with debris can cause a lot of damage to your house by not allowing water to drain properly. Ask us about this awesome product!


Lightweight Tile