Lightweight Tile

Lightweight, concrete roof tiles are a beautiful option for your roof. Whether you are re-roofing or building a new home, there are many benefits of using this great product.

They never deteriorate so you will never have to buy another roof, ever! There are many style and color options ranging from Spanish “S” style, to the lower profile smaller “Villa” or “Malibu” tiles to gorgeous Slate style and rough profile Shake looks. With so many options, you can have a very custom look to your home that suits your style. Many homeowner associations require and approve Tile only. Boral and Eaglelite will always fit your needs.

The tiles are durable and beautiful, as well as longlasting. They are made with a lightweight aggregete rock to make the concrete light as well as strong. The tiles are walkable and we will be happy to show you how to do that in case you need to go up on your tile roof. They are also comparably lightweight, under 600 pounds per roofing square (10×10) which is more than architectural shingle but not as much as your old wood roof weighs after absorbing water all winter. The tiles do not absorb water so they stay the same weight all the time. Most houses built within the last 40 years can accept a tile roof with no additional bracing needed.

If you are looking for a lifetime roof that has a style all it’s own, you may have found it with lightweight tile!

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