Q. How long does it take to roof an average 3 bedroom house?
A. For a composition shingle roof, about 3-4 days and for tile, it will be about 5-6 days.

Q: Do I have to be home for you to do an estimate?
A: No, you don’t. We will put a ladder up and go on the roof from the front of the house and take the measurements we need. We then work up your written proposal and get it to you in writing with the specifications for your home. We can also make an appointment for Frank to come when it is convenient for you,  to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Q: What is the installation procedure?
A: The first day, we will bring our dump truck and tear off the roof. We then take your torn off roof to a recycling center or landfill. Over the next few days, we will then install 1/2″ soild sheating, 30 LB ASTM roofing felt, replace all the existing flashings and then the final roofing material.We will obtain the required permits and will schedule all inspections as required by your City.

Q: Do I pay you any money up front?
A: No. You pay us upon completion. While the law allows for payment of 10% of the project or a maximum of $1000.00, we do not ask for money before we begin work. We feel that you are trusting us to do a great roof for you and we are trusting you to pay us upon completion.

Q: Why should I choose California Roofing for my roof?
A: We have years of experience, a great crew and personal attention to insure your satisfaction. We understand that this is a big project for you and will do our best to make it a positive experience.

Q: How do I know that a contractor I hire will do a good job?
A: Check them out! You can check a contractor’s license here at A Contractor needs to have a C-39 license and have passed the Home Improvement Certification exam (HIC). A Contractor must be bonded with a $12,500.00 Bond and have Workman’s Compensation Insurace. While it is not required by State law, we do also carry Liability Insurance.Look at work they have done and trust your instincts. Get references from friends, family, or material suppliers like California Shingle and Shake in Pleasanton at 925-462-2662925-462-2662